Provides innovative and aesthetic designs tailor-made to suit client budget

Internationally reputed modular systems viz., Octanorm System & the associated Struktur and the Mero System (both from Germany) are employed in the construction of modular system stands. High-tech custom-designs using wood, steel, glass, acrylic, fabric, etc., are also regularly employed for clients who want their high-profile corporate image reflected. Design staff: 3 highly experienced architects, 4 CAD operators well-versed with all latest applications viz., AutoCad, Corel Draw, 3D-studio, V-Ray, etc.,

Fully equipped workshops that facilitate complete in-house fabrication

All fabrication is done in-house in a factory comprising of carpentry, steel-fabrication, aluminium/glass fabrication, paint-shop, etc, and hence sub-contracting is not required, thus ensuring better quality control in all stages of fabrication and finishing of components.

Employs state-of -the-art technology in the production of graphics and vinyl lettering.

A state-of-the-art graphics shop with several computerized digital-printers & vinyl-cutting machines allows high-resolution visual production and multilingual lettering production as well as accurate reproduction of colourful graphics of logos. Built-up signs (3D graphics) and LED-lit signage are also employed

Highly experienced and skilled personnel to design, supervise and execute exhibition stand/pavilion construction

AGE employs highly experienced, dependable professional staff of 28 comprising of Architects, CAD operators, Specialists in computerized graphics production, Graphics Artists, Senior Project Engineers, Site Engineers & Foremen. A skilled work-force of 136 comprises mainly of Finishing Carpenters, Steel Fabricators, Aluminium / Glass Fabricators, Welders, Electricians, Painters, Graphics-Artists, etc., supported by a 40-strong support-crew.

Maintenance technicians on-call throughout the duration of the show.

Our technicians will be on-call throughout the duration of the exhibition for any maintenance requirement. Cleaning of the stand is done every day, prior to and after the show time, including vacuuming. 


About Us

A. S. ALGHUNAIM EST., more commonly known as AGE, was established in 1981. Based in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has developed into a pioneering company in the Middle East engaged in exhibition stand contracting and display services. AGE is the official contractor for the Riyadh Exhibition Co. Ltd., with its offices situated close to the new Riyadh International Exhibition Centre on King Abdullah Road. Since its inception, it stood out for excellence in service and quality. The company has so far serviced over 380 trade shows in the region and has professionally executed many national and international group pavilions in the entire Gulf & Middle East region.

Salient Features

  • Consistent High Quality workmanship & Services

    Aesthetic designs

    Workshops with full in house fabrication capabilities

    State of the art technology in the production of graphics & Signage

    Highly experienced and skilled personnel to design, supervise, and execute stand construction

    On-time Completion

    Maintenance technicians on call throughout the duration of the show

  • Offcial Stand Contractor of:


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    Our Clients

    National & International clientele of repute.

    The AGE list of clients includes hundreds of Saudi companies, over twenty governments, scores of trade promotion agencies and multinational companies. Here we mention:………………


    •  The Saudi Government: ADA, MAWHIBA, MOCI, MOHE, MOE, MIC-AlKharj, Chamber of Commerce, Civil Defence, SCTA.
    •  Semi-Government organizations viz., SABIC, ARAMCO, MA’ADEN
    •  Prominent p...

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    •  Governmental and Trade promotional agencies from: Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, M...

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